Omron BP Monitor

November 9, 2015

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Complete Review

It is very important that one should take a care of his health and keep everything in check in order to avoid any health risks. It is seen that many people have the problem of hypertension and they are unable to check it accurately due to outdated and inaccurate blood pressure measuring instruments. This blood pressure monitor is an ideal device recommended by the doctors and pharmacists for keeping at home. The best thing about this Omron BP monitor is that it uses the latest technology due to which people prefer to use it from time to time.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Use Latest Technology:

Talking about this product, the product can be wirelessly connected with your Smartphone to keep a record of your 200 last readings measured. It means that the device has the capacity to store about 200 measured readings. It can easily be connected with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S III and other higher android phones via Bluetooth. It is very accurate so you will get the accurate readings every time. It comes with a TruRead technology the purpose of which is to get three consecutive readings per minute and then calculating the average.

The facility of its mobile app is there for the people so that any time they can email their blood pressure range to the physician. All the blood pressure ranges can be viewed and transferred using the Bluetooth technology.

Product details:

Dimensions of product: 2.1 lbs; 71 X 70 X 41 inches

Shipment weight: 2.2 lbs

Product’s item model number: BP786

Blood Pressure can be monitor easily:

It has a large display in which the digits can clearly be read. The backlight is also there for your convenience. There are some multi-colored lights which act as an indicator so that you can compare the levels of your blood pressure to the normal levels. A normal level is indicated by green light while hypertension is with orange light. A ComFit Cuff is an additional feature of this product which can comfortable be adjusted to your arm. The wrapping of the cuff is also easy for all. It can be inflated easily without disturbing the position. So the reading comes accurately because it fits perfectly from medium to large arms.

Why you should buy 3- Omron Blood  Pressure Monitors ?

The BP monitor is to be operated with an AC adapter which is included its packing or it can also be operated with 4 AA batteries which are not included in the device. The product is very affordable to buy. You can order it any time. We offer free shipping on this product so it means that it can be shipped to any destination you want. We assure you that the product will be free from the damages and unfortunately if damaged then we will replace it with a new one.

When you will open its box you will see one 10 series Blood Pressure Monitor Plus with Bluetooth Smart, AC adapter, an easy to wrap ComFit Cuff about 9 to 17 inches for upper arms, a user manual written in English and Spanish language and Start guide so that you can read it if you are using this product for the first time.


What’s the Right Product for Me?

Advanced Accuracy
Multi-Colored BP Level Indicator Lights
Cuff Type
Wide-Range D-Ring (9 to 17 inches)
Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)
Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)
Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)
2 User Mode
Memory Storage
Wireless/ Bluetooth Smart
Irregular Heartbeat Detector
BP Level Bar
Advanced Averaging
AC Adapter/ Battery Type
4 AA Not Included
AC Adapter Included / 4 AA Not Included
AC Adapter Included / 4 AA Not Included
AC Adapter Included / 4 AA Not Included

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